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Two for One on Day Two

Day two of my photo a day for October and it is a doozy already. The rear passenger tire on the vette has been losing air on cold days but before I left the house this morning I checked it and it looked good. Not good enough ‘spose because as I am taking an exit for work she is shake, rattlin’ and rollin’. She has been doing that for awhile on so I thought no big deal but it never stopped shaking. So I pulled into Exon and the tire wouldn’t hold any air. I don’t have a spare so I left the vette at the Home Depot parking lot. Rob later took care of it for me. He even donated a tire, temporary!! God is good! Thanks Rob!

This second photo is of Juan’s truck with my moms new, used refrigerator in the rear. My mom called early this morning that her fridge had stopped cooling. She asked if she could have my little fridge which I have at home in my garage. I told her yes but when I had a moment I emailed Juan if he had one there at his work. He said he would get back to me.

I started to then have a really crappy day and at around 4:30 I had enough and went back to my office to rest and to calm down. That is when I found the email from Juan that he had a fridge for my mom and that he asked his boss how much for it but his boss let him have it for free since my mom doesn’t have much dinero. Praise God! My eyes got all watery. So glad I went back to my office. After work, I picked up the vette from Home Depot and headed to Juan’s work to take the fridge to my mom. My mom was expecting my little fridge and she was very surprised to get this thing. 🙂

God is good.

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