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Day Three On Crack

The better part of my day was spent trying to find a phone line for a nurse that will be stationed in this area. Noone has been been stationed there in YEARS so I could not find where the line was located upstairs in the phone room (boring info I know). Well, it was not until the end of the day that I realized there was live phone lines in the next room which were not being used! So I pulled the wires up from the other room and dropped them down for the new nurse station. Then I had to do double work because I forgot to drop the computer wire. (boring i know)

So here comes Adriville with her camera and starts snapping pictures. I guess it’s kinda my fault since I asked her if she had her camera. lol.

Oh and this station is right outside my office, and the nurse is a Gaylord Focker (a male nurse).

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