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Random Lunch Trailer

Lunch quickly snuck up on me today and since there wasn’t really anything at home I wanted to eat I took the opportunity to jump on the Sled and go on the hunt. I had spotted a BBQ Food Truck on Saturday that I had not tried so I went looking for it but came up empty. That put me in the mood for some BBQ so using my Bluetooth Helmet communicator I had Google call another local BBQ joint in town. Came up empty there too. One more BBQ joint to try so I pointed the Sled in that direction but also came up empty. BBQ joints close on Mondays around here. By now, I was thinking of pulling up to Chic-Fila-A and doing curbside, but then I remembered a Food Trailer I had seen on the other side of the tracks. It’s not a bad area, but I go in that direction so rarely it does feel like I am somewhere else. In fact, it feel like I’m in the sixth grade again since my Elementary School is down that road. If you’ve known me long enough,  you know that I am talking about Rangerville Road. I was in luck. The food trailer was open. It’s called El Patron.     I wanted something portable and fast so I asked if they had tacos. I was in luck. They had some of my favorite. Tacos Al Pastor. Pork tacos in a red pinapply sauce with Cilantro and Cheese. Packed it in my bag and off I went. I didn’t bother to check if the plate came with Charro Beans so halfway home I started to worry that the beans were now all over my backpack. I even thought I smelt them a few times. Luckily, they were refried beans so they stayed in place pretty much the whole ride. tacos_al_pastor_digisal The tacos weren’t terrible and they were not great. If I was in a similar situation a few months from now, I’d go back. Bonus points for green tortillas. That was a first for me. More bonus points for the green salsa, but if the tacos were aces, I wouldn’t have needed that salsa. El Patron also serves all kinds of other snacks so might return for that. Check them out if you’re ever in Harlingen, TX