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Affordable Home Security with 24/7 Call Center

I am a fan of the Wyze Indoor/Outdoor cameras. Lately, Wyze has been releasing several affordable smart home products. Everything from lamps to smartwatches. Their Home Monitoring system service piqued my interest. I read about it and although some folks had their gripes, most were happy with it. I decided to try it out and ordered it.

The title of this blog says Affordable. The security service which includes the 24/7 Call Center is $5.00 a month, but if you pay for the whole year of $59.88 you get the hardware for free. A $49.99 value. So that’s what I did, plus I ordered 3 extra entry sensors ($19.99) and 1 extra motion sensor ($7.99).  With taxes and shipping, I paid $107.15. Here is a pic of everything I got:

Whole Kit

Setup is only supposed to take 40 minutes but I had issues. Since I already have Wyze cameras and Smart Plugs, I already have their app (bonus points for using the same app), but I had issues. They have a funky process for activating the service and it took roughly 3 hours for the service to be active in my account. Once active, I was able to set up the system easily.

It was pretty straightforward. Follow the steps and, yeah, in about an hour you will be good to go.

So far, I really like it. You have 2 Alarm Armed settings. Home and Away. For each setting, you can tell the system what device will trigger the alarm. So if you are home but are still moving around in the house you can tell it to only trigger windows and doors. With Away, you can tell it to trigger the alarm when any of the devices are triggered, including Motion detection in the Living Room or the Garage. It really comes in handy when you know you’ll be planted on the couch watching Netflix all night long.

The entry sensors work very well so far. The app notifies me if any of my sensors are tripped. So if the Front Door opens I will know about it. Same for any other entry point such as windows or other doors. Another cool feature is activating other Wyze smart home devices upon the trigger. For example, if the Front Door opens, I can trigger the Wyze Smart Plug I have connected to a lamp to turn on, or I can tell it to start recording video from one of the many Wyze cams I have.

I am really liking it and it’s giving me more peace of mind when not home or when asleep on the couch. Get one here: