Adirondack Chair

Had been almost a year since I did some wood work, so I was eager to get back into it. I have been smoking some meats a lot recently and have been in need of some outdoor chairs. Found a simple Adirondack plan from Home Depot and Ana White so I gave it a go. As the comments stated, the stringers were the most difficult part, but got it right on the second try and only ruined one stringer! Actually, what was the most difficult part was getting that first screw in. I totally stripped it and had to use a screw Extractor. On the first screw!

It was not the first screw to be stripped during this build. I had to do plenty of pre-drilling and a few more extractions. All and all, a great learning experience. The chair is comfy but probably needs cushions.

Fear of Flying

I am not ashamed to say that I am terribly afraid of flying. Even though I worked at an airport for around 2 years, watching planes land all the time, I am still terrified. I really wish I was not so afraid. Especially after watching videos like this:

Cockpit View of Landing in Los Angeles, California

New Comment System

Back when Disqus was in early alpha I tried to set it up on my Blogger blog with no success. It was an FTP problem, which is why I am on WordPress now, but I digress.

The new commenting system has some new features I think my readers will enjoy. Some of which include; signing in with your Twitter or Facebook account, threaded comments, and reply by email to comment.

When you sign on with your Twitter or Facebook account you have the option of sending your comment to Twitter or Facebook also. Now that we have threaded comments we no longer have do @soandso when directing a comment to someone. Simply press reply below their comment and  your comment will go under theirs.

But by far the coolest feature is the ability to reply to a comment via email. If you leave a comment and someone else leaves a comment below, you simply reply to that email to leave your own comment.

So please, leave lots of comments on this blog post

No Posts Until Migration Complete

I have not blogged in ages, and I promise I will start blogging again real soon.

ONE reason (excuse) I have not blogged is that I have to move this blog. Google is doing away with FTP blogs. That might not mean much to some of you but if you are curious here is the link that explains what is going on. LINK .
That in no way affects any of my regular readers. In other words, if your blog is linked to the right on my blog, don’t worry about it.
As much as I love all things Google, I am considering ditching Blogger in favor for WordPress. Why? For one, I was recently asked in an interview if I have ever used/installed WordPress and the answer was no. So, I have been wanting to play with it on my site in the background. Well, here is my chance, but it will be in the foreground.
So hopefully everything will still work when I am done doing the migration but things should look different.
If by chance, someone reading this blog is going through with this I am using this article as a starting point for the whole operation.

Now, That’s A Ladder!

More then meets the eye!

When I bought my home, John Lightner came out to do a home inspection and he broke out one of these ladders. First thing I said was, “Now, that’s a ladder!” He laughed and said he hears that a lot. Well, four years later, and Forty Dollars cheaper because of clearance I got me one. I figure I will be needing one for my freelance work. So enjoy the pics!

This is my favorite part! Two little ladders!

Thirteen Feet!!