Marshall Puking On My Floors!

Tabblo: Marshall Puking On My Floors!

So Marshall (my childhood friend) and his girl came over to hang out and to check out the new house. Well, little did I know the dirty rat had been drinking for a good while. So whilst I was in the restroom he begins to toss it! I know when I get the urge to puke I try to get to a toilet or trash can. He just freaking laid there!

It was to damn funny to get mad though. I havent heard from him since though.


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WebTV Watch

The way that I made it online was through a magical little box called a WebTV. I wont go into that but when I was visiting my folks a few weeks back my dad had this watch in one of his box of stuff.

I was trying to remember how I got this. It might have been through the webtv website. Filled out a quiz or something. I remember the package coming from Palo Alto.

Anyway, it was a blast from the past I thought I would share.

100,000 Dollar, 180MPH Wall Art

Here is an idea. “Since I am not driving the Lambo, why not display it on my wall instead of in the garage. “

Check it out here.

Damn rich people. I had always wanted to bolt the rear end of a Corvette to my garage wall but now it will just not be as cool.

And is that guy mounting the car wearing shades? I think I would want him to be a little more careful.

Shampoo in the Eye

What the hell do they put in shampoo that burns the hell out of someones eye. A quick shower turned into painful longer shower. I am still trying not to blink!

It had been a long time since I had gotten some in the eye and I hope its an even longer time before it happens again!

Wide Garage Shot of the couple

Don’t they look nice and smug in the garage? Usually the Corvette will be closer to the wall when I am not using her but I drove her all weekend so she is in an easy in and out position. There is still plenty of room in the garage no matter how I park them.

The above pic is a Panoramic by the way. Four pictures in one. It is my second attempt at the garage. The first attempt was all screwey. You have to make sure the camera is steady all the way through and it has to be level. I have a tripod but I still managed to hose the first shots. This one came out pretty good. I almost cant tell where the stitches are. I used HP Imaze Zone Plus which came loaded on the new pc. Click pic for HUGE pic.

Looks good I think.

8 mile

I think I found me a pretty good trek for my daily bike rides. Its around my  neighborhood and the country club next door. I drove the trek today in the Vette and in the Colorado today and since I bike it twice it equals out to about 8 Miles. I think that is pretty good for me. Hopefully in a few weeks I can make that trek three times around and not be dead tired. Right now I make the trek in a little under an hour and afterwards I feel pretty damn good. The goal is to one day be able to do the biking in the mornings.
My friend George has asked me to bike with him and his brother at 7 in the morning but I don’t think I can keep up with those guys. The trail they want to take has a lot of slopes. I used to ride it before and I would be huffing and puffing after every trip. If I keep my 8 mile trip going then maybe a trip down that trail in the future wont be as bad. I really need to improve my eating habits as well. Usually I will eat a banana before the ride and eat an orange afterwards followed by a shower. It seems to be working out. People always ask me if I am trying to lose weight. Of course, they are being sarcastic. I am just trying to get healthier and trying to give myself more energy.
Wish me luck.

Ice Screen

In my PC Upgrade entry I talked about the new PC I got and I also griped about the seven year old monitor. Well today I took the plunge and bought my a 19inch Widescreen LCD Flat Panel.

So far, I love it, except for two things. I wish it had more options for Video Output and as I write this it kind of wobbles with every key stroke. Or maybe I just tap to hard on this thing. Who knows. I just moved my keyboard to the under desk tray and it seems to have stopped the wobbling.

What do you think? It is an Envision model by the way. It is a little messy around my desk but I assure you it is only temporary.

I also wanted to talk about this cool little old ice crusher my dad gave me many years ago. I broke it out today because I WAS going to entertain a guest today but that fell through.

I have had this thing for so long but I never crushed anything with it. I must say it is pretty damn slick. It has three settings for crushiness. C, M, and F. They all looked the same to me so I kept it at M. I guess M is for medium. Maybe someone out there can enlighten me to the other settings. Now I am wondering if I can find other old stuff like this. I didn’t use the flash so it looks orange but its stainless steel and black.

Cool huh?

7 year PC upgrade in the making

After 7 years it was finally time to get a new workstation at home. For 7 years I was running a 700mhz Gateway. It ran a slew of operating systems in those seven years. It came loaded with Windows 98. After that it ran Windows 2000, Red Hat Linux, SuSe Linux, Xp Pro , and at the end it is running XP Pro Media Center Edition.

It was still running pretty strong but it couldn’t handle video to well. In my X10 entry I talk about connecting wireless cameras and the Gateway just couldn’t handle it properly. It also couldn’t hand Video calls in Skype to well either.

So I decided to make a trek to CompUSA to see if this computer that I have been eyeballing got any cheaper. It is an HP Digital Enterntainment Center z545. Pentium 4HT 3GHz with 512 of RAM and a 200GB Hard drive. The thing is Media Center first and a PC second. It has all the features of a DVD player and DVR in one. If I wanted to I could record two tv stations and watch something else, all at the same time. By looking at the pics below you can see all the connections in the back. Everything from USB2.0 to Component Video and Audio, S-Video, Firewire, and on and on. In the front it has more USB and A/V connections. It also has all sorts of Memory Card slots and one big slot for an external Hard Drive. It even has an FM Tuner which you can Pause and Rewind.

This things is normally 1500 dollars but I got it for 800 smackers! It was the one on display. Awesome.

As you can see from the pics it comes with a Wireless keyboard and mouse. They kind of remind me of the Webtv days. I didnt like the keyboard much so I went out and bought another keyboard and mouse.

So, the only thing missing is a nice screen. I am still using the 7 year old CRT and it just doesnt cut it! Everything is to dark. I have everything all maxed out. Computer use is fine but DVD playback and TV are just to dark. I love it so far.

And more thing. Yes, that is a Wifi antennae.