February 10, 2009

Friends or Acquaintances

I think back to the jobs I have had since I was sixteen and for each job, accept maybe one, I can tell you that I have gotten close to people with whom I have had the pleasure to work with. So close that I would never imagine not being in contact with them for…

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February 7, 2009

One Thing I’d Love To DO

The one thing I would really love to do is be a photographer of some sort. I used to really love to take pictures. Sure, I still cary the camera with me in the car but I can’t remember the last time I took a picture.I have the mentality now that everyone has a digital…

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January 17, 2009

Back To Twitter

Well, for over a year we were on Jaiku but now it seems that Google is abandoning Jaiku, or taking it in another direction, so we are going back to Twitter. It is pretty much the same, if you remember, but without the Threading of Conversations, so unless Twitter implements that awesome feature, the Thread Nazi…

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January 16, 2009

Time To See Doctor Again….. I guess

The last time I saw a doctor about my “stomach hurts” he said, sorry I can’t figure out whats wrong with you.I think lately it has been getting worse. Or is it nerves?People, and doctors, have told me it is what I eat that messes me up, but even if I don’t have dinner the…

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January 14, 2009


Sometimes I want to give up on eating lunch because I get so sleepy afterwards that I just want to pass out right then and there. Driving back to work after a meal that makes me sleepy is so hard! I just want to come home, or be dropped off at home so I can…

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January 13, 2009

Bloggers Block

Man, bloggers block on day thirteen already?? Today was sure a nonblogworthy day for me!!The only highlight of my day was actually waking up. Why is that a highlight you say? Well, because I could have woke up dead! I am not afraid of dying anymore, because I know where I am going, but sometimes…

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January 12, 2009

The Ladies Plate

My favorite plate at a local Mexican / BBQ place is called the Ladies Plate. It comes with Fajita Nachos and Carne Guisada. It is really good. Whenever I order this plate, I always make the same joke to the waiter/ waitress. Do I have to be a lady to order the ladies plate? They…

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January 11, 2009

The Barrel

Sorry Preacher, but the only good thing at Cracker Barrel thusfar is the Mellow Yellow and Biscuits. As of today, I have been there twice and have not really liked the meals. Maybe I should not have had the pancakes, but I had heard good things but was dissappointed. Dennys and McDonalds are way better!Wallbangers…

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January 10, 2009


Came home yesterday to no Internet! Oops. “Borrowing” the neighbors wifi though. shhhhPretty uneventful day today but at least I did not have to go to work. Almost did though! I was, however, watching a movie with Nicolas Cage earlier, Bangkok Dangerous, and I found myself asking myself “why do they give this guy weird…

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