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Engine Running, Locked Out

So I am all ready to go to church this morning. Except for socks. So as I got to the garage to grab my socks from the dryer I start the SS so it can be warmed up by the time I’m ready. Once I get ready I find that the doors locked with the engine running. No problem. I have extras. The problem is I don’t know where they are at.

The last time I used them was a few months ago. I checked my secret stash for the keys and they are not there. I called Rob to see if he can come over with a Slim Jim to unlock the door but he is on his way to his parents Restaurant. I ask him if he could get away to come help me out. Meantime I am checking everywhere for the keys. No where to be found.

I start thinking that they may be in the Vette but the Vettes alarm is armed and the keys are in the SS. I don’t want to risk setting off the alarm with no keys so since the windows are cracked I used a broom stick to pop the glove box ever so gently and sure enough my spare SS keys are in there. I then unlock the doors from the inside with my hands, setting off the alarm, grab my SS keys, unlock it, search for the Vette keys and disarm it. Mission Completed and got to church about 20 minutes late.