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Nostalgic Forum Posts

Slow day at the office so I have been looking thru some old posts on the Forums. Some funny stuff. I wish the forums hadnt died on me two years ago. Anyway, here are some posts I found funny or interesting from way back when:

Me talking about interviewing at my current Job: January 7, 2004
Eddie’s (manolo) hunting trip: January 24 2006
Talking about a concert I went to: November 26, 2002
Discussing DareDevil Soundtrack and the purchase of CDs and downloading: July 31, 2003
Elvis Lunch Hour: September 19, 2003
Tony’s Bday: December 14, 2003

There are plenty more the I enjoyed reading today. Most just me talking to myself. I miss the interaction with some of my friends on the forums.

It was a nice trip down Forum memory lane.