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First Night

Well, tonight marks the second week of me staying at my new home. I can say it has been pretty good. Everyone always wants to hear about my first night. Let me tell you a little about my home. I won’t be posting pictures til after the house warming party next month. Anyway, it’s a two bed room, two bath, two car garage home. The best part is that the master bedroom and bath are upstairs. So on the first night I am a little nervous of course. Well, technically, this is not my first night. A friend and I stayed over back when I had no furniture and there was not much sleeping going on. I ended up back at my mom’s at six in the morning while my friend went to work. On my first night, sleeping in my new bed, with everything just about moved in, is the night I am talking about.

As I went to bed, and I don’t remember the time, I started hearing noises. I would assume this is normal in a new home. I was hearing some sort of knocking sound though. A solid thunk-thunk. Laying there in bed, staring into the darkness, I told myself that it has to be one of the doors in which I left without doorknobs. I then told myself it has to be the door to the A/C unit because the unit is sucking the door closed, and it has no door knob. So, I went downstairs and temporarily put its doorknob in place. I stood there for awhile and it was no longer making the thunk sound. But, as I walked up the stairs I heard the thunks again and this time I could tell that it was coming from my master bath. As I approached the door I could hear it thunking. It has the doorknob but there is still some play. I opened it up and jumped back into bed and slept like a baby!

And that, ladies and gents, is my first night!

More about the bat later.