Month: February 2006


Damn that wallpaper. I have one wall left to paint and it had to be covered with wallpaper. I have never removed paper before so I didn’t think it was going to be such a pain. Rob started removing some of it while I was painting and he had a helluva time. After awhile he decided we needed some sort of remover. It only took me driving all over town to find that damn thing that scores the wallpaper. The chemical I applied after scoring the walls was a lot easier to find.

Since I am no good at this kind of stuff it still took me awhile get the stuff off the walls. It was a pain in the arse! I now have to buy something to patch up some of the sheet rock that got tore off during the removal. So that should be done today. I say SHOULD because nothing is every easy for me.

Missing in Action

Incase anyone has missed me let me fill you in on where and what I have been doing for the past few weeks. Sometime in October I got an itch to buy a Harley Davidson V-Rod. After about a week or so of looking at them, I was sitting on the toilet and it dawned on me that I was being an idiot. I should be looking into buy a home, not a 16 thousand dollar bicycle. A girl I work with happens to be married to a realtor so we started talking and the search was on.

I was being pretty picky I guess but I was only looking for a two bedroom, or more, two bath, two car garage home on a quiet street. Out of the handful of homes that I saw two really stood out but one had the backyard against a very busy street and the other was very close to a high school. I honestly thought I was going to have to make a decision between those two homes. For two weeks, I didn’t go out looking for homes. The reason was that it was already Thanksgiving and many of the houses on the market I had already looked at. On December 9 I went to go see a home that eventually became the home I purchased.

The sale closed on February 3 and I have had the keys since the 6th of February but I have not moved in. I have been doing some remodeling and it is slow going. The painting I am doing should be done this weekend.