Blog · January 24, 2019 0

Weekend Coming Up

I, like every one else who works during week can never wait patiently for Friday. Even when nothing exciting is planned we just want it to get here. We just don’t want to work!

I have to find a way to make money while I sleep so I don’t have to work lol. People do make money blogging. That’s why you see banner ads on this site but I don’t generate enough traffic/visitors to make money. Maybe if I keep blogging. But usually money making blogs focus on one topic. I am all over the place.

Maybe one day the missus and I can downsize our living so I don’t need to work everyday. Part time? That would be great. We really want an RV to travel but who’s to say we don’t live in that permanently! That would be so cool but scary.

I’m open to ideas!