Blog / Entertainment · January 21, 2019 0

Movie Investment

No, I’m not funding the next blockbuster. I’m talking mostly about time. Today, went to go see the movie Glass. I am a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan movies so I was looking forward to checking it out.

Spoiler alerts. Glass is supposed to be the third installment of a trilogy. Part one was Unbreakable and two was Split. Both those movies, on their own were outstanding.

Glass, was terrible. I really wanted to walk out but we were too invested. It was about 45 minutes in when I realized it wasn’t getting better. I didn’t even care that the dude in front me was checking his phone periodically. I just wanted the movie to end.

Spoiler alert. Night must be trying to create his own comic universe much like Marvel and DC. He brings in this mysterious organization that is out to play down hero powers. It is not very well done. It’s kinda boring and not very believable.

Without saying more all I can say is that it was not a good movie. I can’t recommend it.