Blog · January 8, 2019 0


Every where you look, the start of the new year is full of resolutions. I, myself, have several. Funny enough, none of my resolutions have to do with health! Mine are based on the hobbies and projects I have taken on over the years.

The most recent being converting motorcycles to Cafe Racers. I have two motorcycles that I started to work on. It has been about 2 months since I have picked up a wrench to work on them so I resolute to start working on them again. I am recording the process and have uploaded videos onto YouTube to document. So please Like and Subscribe! Here is my channel:

Before I was working on motorcycles, I was building furniture. I also resolute to start that up again!

Lastly, I resolute to start up my Gun Holster business. I am still in the red financially with that investment. I became really discouraged when I started seeing all the competition for gun holsters so I hope to get motivated by them instead discouraged.

What about you?