Cow Day March 18th 2005

It was your average every day over at Rob’s house when all of a sudden we were surrounded by cows. Yeah, it has been over 2 years since this happened but below is a video that gets played just about everyday on my computer. Why? You ask. Because I have my computer play music all day long and some how this video gets thrown into the mix and I laugh every time I hear it. Some times I am in the living room, the dining area or upstairs and it makes me laugh.



  1. Rob

    lol ! you know I just looked at that vid on my computer just the other day .. How weird. !

    it takes one Heffer to speak to other Heffers I guess. !

  2. Sal

    lol @ rob. i thought about making a cow / heffer remark but didnt want to be called names on my blog…lol

    and yep, that’s rob mooing…lol

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