So my dear friend V gave me a pretty simple recipe for entomatadas. You slightly fry some corn tortillas in oil and then dip them in into some preheated tomato sauce. I used a spicy one. Then roll them up and add cheese inside and out. I put them in the oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese.

It was a very different taste for me. Took me awhile to accept the taste. After three I added lettuce and tomato with some crackers and it was all good.

Mini Enchiladas

When I mentioned to Cindy, Robs sister, the Entomatada Recipe V gave me she suggested I try her very quick enchiladas.

Here is the recipe she gave me:

1. Lightly fry corn tortillas in medium-hot pan with oil. Just till
2. Let drain on plate with paper-towel.

3. Take all tortillas and roll one by one, filling each with chilli
con carne (any canned brand will do). (or, you could also
simply fill each one with cheese only)
4. After they are all rolled up, side by side in a baking dish,
top with more chilli con carne and then top with shredded

Place pan in oven at 350 degrees till hot and melted. It will probably be around 15 minutes, or so.

When it comes to cooking stuff I try to follow directions to a T. I keep my Kitchen PC right by the stove so I brought up her email and kept it up just incase. I know, I know, its a simple recipe. But still.

Anyway, they came out very very good. Don’t make me decide which I liked better; the enchililadas or the entomadas.

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I love Memories. I just wish there were ways to relive those moments. And I don’t mean so that I can change the way things were. Maybe relive is the wrong word. I wish I could see memories as though I am watching a DVD. I wish I could have a DVD Memory Album in the same way we have Photo Albums. Except no camera person is needed. They are just recorded.

The really sad thing is that I don’t appreciate memories until I feel that the creation of new memories are in jeopardy. On happy days, I can walk around this house and NOT think about the fun we have had here. I can walk passed that bench and NOT think about the night we sat there holding each other. I can mow the grass and NOT think about that night we rolled around in it that one beautiful moon lit night. But when things are not going right, when the future is uncertain, when I am here wondering where you are it is all I think about.

I think about those memories and I so wish many more could be created here. Only time will tell and sometimes time is extremely slow for this heart of mine but time I got.

My First Home

In February if 2006 I purchased my first Home. Its a two bedroom, two bath, two car garage. The Master bath and bedroom are upstairs. I looked for about 4 months until I fell for this house. I didn’t start moving in until March because I had the floors done and I painted just about every wall in the house.

Click the pic for some pictures.

I added a few captions to the pics to describe what you are looking at.

10 Powerful Uses For Google Suggest

10 Powerful Uses For Google Suggest: “Google Suggest is a Google experiment that autocompletes your search with popular queries as you type. Use the arrow keys to navigate the results.Where can you find Google Suggest?
1. At Google Suggest site.

2. You can install Customize Google exension to use this site instead of the standard Google.

3. In Google Toolbar 4 (IE) and Google Toolbar 2 for Firefox.

4. In Firefox 2.0 (Bon Echo).

Other flavours of Google Suggest
1. News Suggest
2. Financial Suggest (enabled by default)

Why would you use it?
1. Use Google Suggest to get the correct spelling for a word. Type the first letters of a word or write the whole word and if you see it in the list of suggestions, then your spelling is OK. Otherwise, delete some letters from the end of the word.

2. Use Google Suggest to find words you don’t remember. You know it starts with ‘exq’ and it means ‘extremely beautiful’, but you don’t know the word. It’s exquisite.

3. Find popular songs of an artist or band. Type [name of the artist] lyrics and you’ll see a list of songs, with the most popular at…”


So I had two of my wisdom teeth pulled today. I was getting a bunch of horror stories from the people I work with but it turned out alright. I didn’t feel a thing. The sound of the teeth being removed was very odd. I think they must have given me 6 shots of anesthesia.

When I got home I popped the Codine. “The drugs are quick”. I was dizzy as hell and not thinking right.

I just popped another one and it is kicking in. I am feeling a little nausious though. Maybe it was the Clam Choweder I didnt like, or the ice cream I am eating now. Or the combo of them both.

I am going to stop eathing the ice cream for now.

Man, the words ont he screan are moving. I gave to go.

I saved 9,000 + Dollars.

Man, who would have thought my Kitchen PC was worth this much:

This thing can be bought at Kuppersbusch.

It plays CD, DVDs, TV, and has internet access. It can be flush mounted in the kitchen. It also has a database of Recipes with photos. Hmmm, my Kitchen PC has a database of Recipes also. Its called Google!

I am sure it has its advantages over my Kitchen PC but when it comes down to it mine gets the job done!

In Search of a 63 Lincoln Continental

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the car in which this model car is based on. This is a 63 Lincoln Continental Coupe. I first saw this car in The Matrix. I thought it was so cool that it had rear suicide doors. It’s a freaking cool car. Found one in great condition for 10k but that is way to much for me. So maybe I can find a fixer upper some day. I am keeping my eyes open. Has to be a 63 though. From the pics I have seen on the net it looks to be the slickest.