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Fonpods... On-demand podcasts direct to your phone.

Fonpods (phonepods).Found this site via GigaOM.

Fonpods advertise themselves as making any mobile phone into an MP3 player for Podcasts. What you do is call the number they give and you can listen to preselected Podcasts from your channel over your phone. Once you get a login you can go to their site and select which podcasts you want to listen to.

I thought this was a pretty neat idea. Reminds me of a service that was available a few years back. I think it was called Call Me, i cant find reference to it on the web, and they gave you a 1800 number which you called that would let you listen to news, get horoscopes, and even play black jack with impersonating celebrities.

So if you don’t have a web enabled mobile phone, like my 6700, and you have free long distance, check out