Prototype: Olight and SOG Powerplay Kydex Combo Holster

The hardest part for me thus far with Kydex Holster making is getting everything straight! Goes to show that even though you have all the right tools, does not mean you’ll be able to compete with the big boys. Practice makes perfect though, so I whipped up this guy last night. Edges need more work, but I did a slightly better job at getting the fasteners aligned.

Looking at it now as I write this, my OCD is kicking in big time. (I didn’t even know I had OCD) Bottom fasteners should have been properly aligned along with the straighter edges. And after wearing it for a few hours, I probably should have inverted the placement of the Olight and the SOG Powerplay. The Olight is stabbing me a bit. I’ll just have to lose some weight.

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Kydex Holsters

After purchasing and loving a Kydex holster for my Glock 43 I thought it would be fun to try and make some on my own. It is very fun, and not as easy as YouTube makes it out to be. Here are some that I have made. Hopefully I continue to get better and better at it.

Sig P238 IWB
Sig P238 IWB
Ruger SR9C OWB
Ruger SR9C OWB
M&P Shield IWB
M&P Shield IWB

Christmas Throwing Hawks

If you ever watch Top Shot on the HISTORY Channel you’ll see all kinds of weapons. From long rifles to rocks! When they break out the Tomahawks I grin from ear to ear. So since it is Christmas time, I HAD to add some to my Christmas Wishlist and the missus came through!

I’ve been telling friends that it is so satisfying to hear that THUNK when the hawk sticks. I have not been able to hone my technique. Sometimes I can stick all three, like above, and there are times where nothing sticks for several throws. It has been so much fun and I hope the fun never wears out!

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My Secret Santa Wants me to Carve Something’s slogan is “The Front Page of the Internet”, and it could be very true. It is a very large website with tons and tons of content. Several years ago, some Reddit users started an online Secret Santa where users would be randomly matched to each other to buy gifts for each other. Since Reddit is so large, the Secret Santa turned into the largest Gift Exchange ever by surpassing Guinness records.

This will be my seventh year being a part of this gift exchange. Over the years I have received some great gifts. Etched glasses, model cars, phone chargers, and even Black’s Brisket.

When you sign up you are given the opportunity to fill out a profile so that your Secret Santa can use to determine what to buy. I don’t fill out this profile. I simply input my Social Media profiles and let them decide what to get me by stalking me! It’s worked out great! This year was no different.

Pictured are two gifts I received from my giftee. The book that introduces me to Wood Carving arrived first. It’s titled The Beginner’s Handbook to Woodcarving. I was slightly overwhelmed because it requires some hand tools I didn’t have BUT to my extreme surprise a set of hand carving tools arrived the very next day! I can’t wait to try it out. I’m hoping to post some carves here as I try them.

You can get a copy of the book for yourself here.