Blog · January 1, 2019 0

Let’s Go

Nine years ago this year I and some friends blogged everyday in January. That year was 2009! So long ago but I can remember it clearly. (Mostly because I can read it again whenever I want.) A few months ago I wrote a post here that said that Social Media Killed My Blog.

It is hard not to post on Social! I post pics or videos every now and then but I always wish I had just blogged it. Well, here is my attempt to revive this blog and my writing with another go at Blogging EVERY DAY in January.

It is going to be tough. Do you know how I know? Because I almost didn’t make the midnight deadline for today! Why? Because I was on other social media platforms! I even signed up for a new social media platform today! Ugh!!

So join me. Let’s Go!