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It started because we were hungry. Because there is no burger like it. Because it’s a great way to end the week. Because we have a good time. Because there is always a funny story.

Because it’s TRADITION!

For the past few Fridays the Deleons and I have been going out to eat at Wallbangers. Every time we go someone always has to say it is the last time. They will remain nameless.

Most of my fair readers know how much I love Wallbangers, so when Friday comes I am always anticipating The Call. It comes from Juan. It’s the call that says, in so many words, we are keeping the tradition going!

The Deleons like to keep me in suspense all day Friday, especially Juan with his “dare I say” comments on Jaiku. Meaning that should he dare say we going to Wallbangers in the evening. That dirty rat.

See you next Friday.

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