The Next Chapter

An hour ago, I was sitting in my garage looking out as the cold rain was sprinkling down. It was dark in the garage as I looked out, watching my car get wet, and I started to think about where I was and how far I have come since growing up on 413 Oklahoma Street and it is amazing. God is amazing.

So many events in my life have lead up to where I am today, so many chapters in this life of mine. I started thinking about the next chapter. Wondering what it will be. What it will be about. Who will be the characters playing along side me. Many characters have come in and out of my life this far into my book.

God has his plan. Everything does truly happen for a reason and I thank Him for making me into the person I am today, because yesterday, I’d be terrified of the next chapter, the unknown chapter.


  1. Adriana Sujey

    I was out and about when it started raining, so while I was getting wet, it brought this sensation. A sense of peace and relaxation. When we’re small, we want to get wet. But when we are adults, we tend to hurry and avoid it. Let’s enjoy life!

    Things change right before our eyes, and we don’t even know it, God is in control. I know he is in the rest of your chapters, so things will fall into place as they need to.

  2. Anonymous

    i often wonder about the what ifs in our lives but then i have to realize god does things for a reason.the regrets of not saying how you feel at the moment or just letting that special someone know how you really fell about keeping it in worth the pain? i often wonder what if i would of let him or her know how i felt back then.where would or could we silence the best thing? or is taking that chance of telling them you love them worth the pain of not hearing i love you too? can our next chapter in life be worth living without that special someone you have loved for so long? or are somethings worth taking a chance on?

  3. Rob

    I wish I can remember things. I forget alot of stuff “you know that Jay” !!

    p.s. am I in any of those chapters of yours.

    **or have I asked you that question once before**

  4. Jean Kincaid

    Sal, what a great testimony! Beautiful words. I love the rain; to hear it pounding on the roof, to smell the hot earth as it hits; then to see it wash away all the cracked open places in the ground. Next thing you know the grass is greener, the sun is brighter and God is still on the throne.

    And yes, Rod, you feature in all our chapters because we love you and pray for you. You’re already in our hearts.

  5. DeeDee

    This was a great blog Sal. Sorry I hadn’t commented, it slipped my mind. Everything you said is so true. I too think about the “what ifs” at times, but then I come back to reality and thank God for the here and now….oh and I’m glad that you ended up being a chapter in OUR lives:)

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