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My Birthday: Take Two

A year ago today I was lost.
A year ago today I was heading to a devils hell.
A year ago today I was saved and born again.
A year ago this week I started going to church.
A year ago today my heart was breaking.
And a year ago today I put all that in the Lords hands and I KNOW where I am going when I die. Heaven.
Do you know where you are going when you die?

It has been a great year. Not the perfect year but it has been the easiest when dealing with the stresses of this life. I like to think I lead a pretty simple life but when it comes to matters of the heart I wear it on my sleeve. I used to think that I was doing something wrong. That it was me. The only thing I was doing wrong was not trusting the Lord that died for me and who knows what is best for me.

I still get sad or mad but at the end of the day I thank God for another day and each morning I pray for another day because I am not promised another. No one is.

I just want to thank God for putting my brother in a place where he can tell me about salvation. I also want to ask my brother John to chime in on the comments about Salvation.

Happy Birthday to me. 🙂