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This Too Shall Pass

Will it? Heartache is a terrible thing. It is also a strange thing. It’s odd that the person you ache for is the only person that can make everything good again. It’s funny that the same person that can make me cry can also make me laugh at the same moment in time. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve learned that I am the type of person that hangs on to everything that was good in the past and can’t accept how things have changed. I look at the past and I strongly believe that things can be that good again. All the good that has ever come and gone between us completely overshadows the ache I feel now. The hope that it will be that good again gets me through the day but the fear that it never will keeps me up at night and keeps me in bed longer then I should.

Time goes by so fast and with time comes change. This time last year I was causing you heartache. Nowadays it pains me to think that I might have hurt you in anyway. But now the tables have turned. I don’t have many regrets in this life of mine but the biggest one is not following my heart back then. I tried to use my head so that I wouldn’t end up hurting as I am now but now I see the mistake I made.

I rejected a wonderful person and now that I am willing to give her all my heart I might be to late.

On the day of my salvation, my brother told me to pray to God about my situation and that God would answer my prayers. I always thought that if God answered your prayers it meant that you got what you wanted. This is not so. God will answer in either three ways. Yes, No, or Wait.

I believe ,Wait, is the answer I got, and have been getting, and waiting is what I have been doing and wait I shall do.

<3 u