Prototype: Olight and SOG Powerplay Kydex Combo Holster

The hardest part for me thus far with Kydex Holster making is getting everything straight! Goes to show that even though you have all the right tools, does not mean you’ll be able to compete with the big boys. Practice makes perfect though, so I whipped up this guy last night. Edges need more work, but I did a slightly better job at getting the fasteners aligned.

Looking at it now as I write this, my OCD is kicking in big time. (I didn’t even know I had OCD) Bottom fasteners should have been properly aligned along with the straighter edges. And after wearing it for a few hours, I probably should have inverted the placement of the Olight and the SOG Powerplay. The Olight is stabbing me a bit. I’ll just have to lose some weight.

Get your own Olight and SOG Powerplay:



  1. ThePreacher

    That definitely doesn’t look comfortable. i have an idea for a holster for one of my lights but would have to be made by leather, it would go horizontal to belt, i have a streamlight strion ds and i put on my belt loop one day when power went out, i will probably get an in my church to make one, anyways hope you have success with your kydex holster

  2. Post

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