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The Worst New Years Ever

As I was driving home from church last night, in the rain, a memory came back about one New Years night. I don’t have to many memories of New Years nights. For a few years I think I would just hang out with Rob at his house, mainly for the BBQ, but now I just go by to get a to go plate, THANKS ROB!

So back to the worst New Years Ever.
I had been working at the airport as a SkyCap, the guys that do curbside checkin and help with wheelchairs, and during the “winter” another airline besides Continental and Southwest would fly in. They flew in from either Minneapolis or Minnesota, it had Minn in the name. It was called Sun Country Airlines.
Well, on this particular night it was delayed because of snow storms. As the night went on, it kept getting delayed and delayed until finally it came in at about 11:30 PM New Years Eve.
Remember I said I helped with wheelchairs? For some reason, this flight was always filled with elderly people so they would always request for lots of wheelchairs. I think the most was thirteen. There was little walking space through the jet bridge because of all the wheelchairs!
I don’t remember for what reason, but on this particular night the airplane did not come up to the jet bridge so the passengers had to walk down off of the airplane on some stairs then walk in through a rear entrance that took them to the baggage claim. People on wheelchairs had to go a different route.
So, I wheeled off a few passengers and at the strike of midnight I was pushing this little old lady through the dark, cold, rainy night behind the airport struggling to open a security door.
She told me Happy New Year and handed me some candy, but in my head I was cursing Rob for getting me this job!
On other days I was grateful though.