Checkers Mate

Some people may look at Juan and see a mean ogre but the guy has a soft spot as well.

While enjoying fellowship at Grammas house on New Years Day, I captured Juan and his mini-me, David, playing a few rounds of Checkers.

I thought I would share this lighter-side of Juan with you all that don’t get to see it that often.

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  1. DeeDee

    LOL, yeah my poor husband gets that a lot. Everyone probably thinks that I have it bad, when in fact its him that has it bad, you know, with me. He’s come a long way, all thanks to the Lord. Thanks for noticing J, and for posting this 🙂

  2. juan

    Grr I am an Ogre, I have an image, dude, lol, I couldn't pass it up he gave me the puppy dog eyes, then Lucy came out & got made at me & called me a liar, because I told her I was going inside to play Taboo, just took a couple of minutes, LUCY.Thanks J.

  3. Adriana Sujey

    I’ve neber seen Juan like SHREK. @ Juan, so you’re like an onion huh? lol

    Had you not said “mini-me” I wouldn’t have seen him! He’s camouflaging.

    Hey Sal, I was trying to move the cups out of the way. I can’t see any squares! Is that a round checkers set up? BTW: Ally and I played checkers today 🙂

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