Descisions Of My Father

My dad had an appointment today that he bailed on. Last night I offered to take him to it but when I spoke to him, he was adamant about not going. He says the doctors are mistaken and he doesn’t have this disease. I told him that the only way to find out if they are wrong is to go the doctor but he does not want to do so.

I want to respect my fathers decisions but I also want him to get well.

Sorry, I can’t write more about this. To hard.


  1. Mexico Senora

    You know what, Sal? We know our own bodies better than anyone else, and doctors have been wrong. Many times. So maybe you dad senses that things are not as bad as the doctor says. Machines have made errors. So you might agree with him and then say “dad, let’s go for a second opinion.” As long as his spirit is fighting, he has a better chance of survival. Oh, and if he is having a problem with his lungs, the best thing he can eat is greens. The cooked kind, like turnip greens, collards, mixed greens and spinach. i know this because I nursed my Uncle who died of lung cancer. The greens made him breathe easier and gave him energy.

    We love you, love you, love you, and will not stop praying. God is a miracle working God, but if your daddy is saved, then going home would be a treat for him not a sadness. Of course, we’re not even thinking like that as long as there is hope, prayer and a chance.

  2. jav

    I am praying for your dads salvation, i think thats the first step and ones God is leaving in that soul he can manifest a miracle. Remember God will not send something our way that we can’t overcome. God is with us at all time like Is 41:10 says. God Bless.

  3. Memories...

    Hello you, sometimes we have to respect their decisions, but with time and prayers we hope that they change their minds. You can count on your friends that we will continue praying for you and your family.

    Just be there for him…

    love ya, jenny

  4. Anonymous

    Hey .. This is Christina. I met you at Harvest some weeks ago. I read your blog a couple of days ago about the rain. Yesterday while I was driving home, it rained, and I thought of you and what you wrote. I wondered if you were crying.

    Well, rest assured that you have many many people that love you and are praying for you. I see that because all of the comments that they are leaving. And I’m praying for you and your dad too.

    If you ever have time, read Psalms 34. It’s a personal favorite.

    Your Friend, Christina

  5. Sal

    Thank you so much for your comment for your prayers.

    I have been brought to tears this past couple days but they have been tears of astonishment. Tears that recognize the power of God.

    When Harvest gave our church the bus our preacher said something that rings to true. He said that God fulfills needs that we don’t even know we had.

    When i was lost more then a year ago I did not know that my father was going to have this disease. I did not know that i was going to need the prayers of all these people. But HE did. and HE saved me.

    I keep thinking about how I would be handling this without Him in my life and without the prayers.

    That is why I cry now, so bring on the rain.

  6. Rachie

    Its funny how at times like this you dont know what to say, but at the same time you have so much you wanna say, all I know is Sal you are me friend, and I truly believe this because ever since you confided in us, my heart has been hurting. If you need anything let me know.
    Love and prayers,

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