Goosebumps or chills is what I would feel every time I would see the picture of the MANDATORY PPD TEST. So, since I still have access, I wanted to bump that picture down.

As a matter of fact, don’t you think Goosebumps are weird? It’s hard for me to describe things sometimes, so I found this…… “That funny, little tingling sensation that suddenly overtakes our senses and surrounds our being with an instantaneous feeling that almost resembles a chill. Often, it can be caused by a very pleasant experience, but is also associated with a thrill of some kind, or a momentary fright.”

You just never know when they will strike. They can happen with a scary movie, with a sad story, or with a pleasant situation. I can clearly remember getting chills right before they called my name at both High School and TSTC graduation ceremonies. Oh, chills also come when you’re cold. Burrrrr.

It’s May 1st today. I realize I have put the first blog for this month, let’s hope we see Sal bounce back and continue. Don’t hold back!

I hope I have done enough to bump that picture down.

Author: Adriana Sujey

Twice in one night

It is a pleasure to be broadcasting live from San Benito, Texas from the comfort of my own home. What? Yes, unfortunately this is not digisal. This is Adriana Sujey Bustamante de Villegas, AKA, shimmyliciousadri or Adriville 🙂 Greetings!!

On a last minute situation, Sal has asked me to assist him tonight. Doesn’t he know what kind of pressure he is putting me under? Fortunately, I work well under pressure (I think). I do have to admit that I’m not a poet like him, so please bare with me.

What I would like to do tonight is thank Sal for introducing me and most of us that are reading this to this wonderful world of blogging! I wonder who introduced him? Many positive things come out of this. Not only that, but at times we can release our frustrations and in turn get good advice. Like I’ve said before, now I have more friends!! It is fun!! Even my husband Abel likes to check what is going on with Mr. Wallbanger’s.

For the record, I have 3 minutes to post this, my second blog for the day!! So I would like to close this broadcast by saying…Sal (J), keep on doing exactly what you do. God made you the way you are for a reason. If there is anything that needs to be adjusted, he will take care of it all! He loves you!