This brings up something that I was talking about at work with someone. I wont go into specifics because they might find thier way onto my site one day and get mad but they had recently had a big fight because of something that one thought was no big deal and the other thought it was. And the one that thought it was a big deal insists that it all could have been avoided if the other person would have just Communicated what was going on, but since there was no communication things got blown out of proportion.

I believe lack of communication in a relationship where everything is suppposed to be out in the open (a marriage) leads to fights that could have easily been avoided. And in this movie, that’s what it was, lack of communication. She would not have gotten pissed if he wanted to take dancing classes but not telling her pissed her off.

Communication, big word and big fights if not properly used.

But what do I know. I am the most single person I know.